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Pool cleaner zodiac


The Peaceful cleaning

With its easy handling, our pool cleaner Orca 50 will effectively clean the floor of your pool

Pool cleaner Orca 150

ORCA 150

The smart cleaning

Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence navigation our Orca 150 will easily take care of the floor but also the walls of your pool

Best pool cleaner orca 250

ORCA 250

Let it do it the job !

Its displacement optimization algorithm allows the Orca 250 to clean the floor,  walls and also the water line of your swimming pool.

Pool cleaner Orca 350

ORCA 350

An expert in cleaning

The most advanced robot in our range, Orca 350 is a technological gem that combines functionality and speed to provide optimal service

pool cleaner Orca 50

ORCA 020 H

The simple cleaning

Silent and cordless, the ORCA 020 H is supplied with a handle to adapt perfectly to your spa and a telescopic handle for pool maintenance.

pool cleaner Orca 50


The easy cleaning

With its easy handling and cordless comfort, our pool cleaner Orca 50 CL will effectively clean the floor of your pool. Easy way and cordless

Orca 150 pool cleaer

ORCA 300

The intelligent cleaning

Equipped with intelligent navigation, Orca 300 is ideal for the bottom and sides of your pond.

Pool cleaner Orca 250


The cordless comfort

Its travel optimisation algorithm allows the Orca 300 CL to clean efficiently all the way to the water line. All the way cordless !


the best Pool cleaner Orca 350

ORCA 500

A specialist in cleaning

Orca 500 is the most connected robot in our range. With its high performance and fast cleaning speed, Orca 500 ensures optimal cleaning of your pool, all remotely controlled.

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