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ORCA 050 cl

The ORCA 050 CL offers quality cleaning for the bottom of your pool up to 80 m².

Its advantages:

  • Wireless, on rechargeable battery.
  • Returns along the wall at the end of the cycle.
  • Easy recovery thanks to the Easy Take floating handle.
  • Hydro sensor anti blocking.
  • Filtration fineness up to 5 microns per grid sieve.
  • Filtration and cleaning flow rate of 11m3/h.
  • Propulsion by adjustable hydraulic jets.
  • Weighs less than 5.7kg, less than a small vacuum cleaner.
  • Only 50W, less than a laptop.

    What makes it special

    We think and design our electric robots for ease of use.

    The Orca 050 CL is cordless, on rechargeable battery. The cordless technology makes it easier to use and store. It returns along the wall at the end of the cycle and its Easy Take handle makes it easy to retrieve the robot.

    Fast and efficient cleaning

    Ideal for small pools, above ground pools or even inflatable spas, Orca 050CL operates on a 1.5 hour cycle. It offers a quality cleaning (up to 5 microns per screen) for the bottom of your pool (up to 80m2).

    The Orca 050 CL is equipped with adjustable hydraulic jets to guide the robot through the pool.

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