Orca Pool Cleaners

for above ground pools

 ORCA, the perfect partner to clean your pool !

You own a pretty above-ground swimming pool and you want to invest in an efficient and automatic cleaning system?

Well, you just clicked on the right link!

We have designed electric pool robots that can efficiently and rapidly clean above-ground pools.

ORCA robots are electric and autonomous cleaning robots.

Contrary to other cleaning systems, our robots are independent of the filtration system, they act as a real second mobile filtration, which is perfect to improve the water quality of your pool.

After a simple connection of your ORCA robot to a power supply, it will ensure cleaning by moving autonomously in your aboveground pool thanks to its navigation system.

Below you will find our selection of equipment for above ground pools.


The ORCA 50 offers a high quality cleaning for the bottom of your pool. It is independent with its 9 meter cable. It can clean a 24m² swimming pool.

The cleaning cycle of the Orca 50 takes 60 minutes.

Thanks to the access to the filter from below the robot, it is very easy and quick to clean it.


The ORCA 050 CL offers quality cleaning for the bottom of your pond. It is self-contained and wireless. It can clean a pool up to 80 m².

On rechargeable battery, it comes back along the wall at the end of the cycle and is easily recovered thanks to the Easy Take floating handle.

Thanks to the access to the filter from the top of the robot, its cleaning is very easy and fast.

ORCA 150

The ORCA 150 is an efficient, reliable and easy to use pool robot.

This robot is engineered to clean the bottom and walls of your pool with its smart navigation system. It can be used in swimming pools of all shapes, types of bottoms and coatings. Its handles make it easy and quick to use.

Equipped with a 14 meter floating cable, ORCA 150 is able to clean pools with a surface area of 60m2.

ORCA will be the ideal partner to clean your pool

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