Orca Pool Cleaners

for inground pools

ORCA, the perfect partner to clean your pool!

You own an inground pool and you want to invest in an efficient and automated cleaning system?

Well, you clicked on the right link!

We have designed electric pool robots capable of cleaning inground pools with efficiency and speed. ORCA robots are electric and autonomous cleaning robots.

Unlike other cleaning systems, our robots are independent of the filtration system, they act as a true second mobile filtration, which is perfect for improving the water quality of your pool.

After a simple connection of your ORCA robot to a power supply, it will ensure cleaning by moving autonomously in your inground Below you will find our selection of robots for in-ground pools.

ORCA 150

The ORCA 150 is an efficient, reliable and easy to use pool robot.

This robot is engineered to clean the bottom and walls of your pool with its smart navigation system. It can be used in swimming pools of all shapes, types of bottoms and coatings.

Its handles make it easy and quick to use. Equipped with a 14-meter floating cable, ORCA 150 is able to clean pools with a surface area of 60m2. ORCA will be the ideal partner to clean your pool!

ORCA 250

Let him do it, he’ll take care of everything!

Equipped with intelligent navigation, the Orca 250 pool cleaner is autonomous. It optimizes its movements and rotations to ensure a complete cleaning of your pool.

It will wash the bottom, the walls, but also the water line of your pool without you having to handle it.
With its 16 meter cable, the ORCA 250 can clean an 80m² swimming pool. Its cleaning cycle time is 120 minutes. Cleaning the Orca 250 pool cleaner is quick thanks to the access to the filter from underneath the robot.


he ORCA 300 CL offers quality cleaning for  your pool up to 130 m².

It offers three cycles of 1h, 2h and 3h.

The bottom, the walls and the water line, the ORCA 300 CL takes care of everything!

Wireless, it recharges on battery.

Cleaning the robot is quick thanks to the access to the filter cartridges on the upper part.

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