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Spare parts

Spare parts for orca 50

One of your wearing part of your pool robot need to be repaired?

You don’t how to find it or how to fix it?

Don’t worry we think about everything! Below you will find all the spare parts of the Orca 50 pool robot and some tutorials which learn you how to replace all of it.


Bloc d'alimentation orca 50

Power supply unit for Orca 50 pool cleaner

Power supply unit for Orca 50 robot (original part). Suitable for 230 Volt plugs, this power supply unit provides a low voltage power supply that will allow your robot to operate properly.

Replacing this part is extremely easy – just plug it into your robot. A blue LED will light up once the block is operational.

Filtre fin robot orca 50

Fine filter for Orca 50 pool cleaner

The objective of the fine filter is to improve the filtration fineness of the filter bag.

It can be easily inserted and removed from the orca 50 pool robot.

Sold in packs of three

Cordon d'alimentation pour robot orca 50

Power cable for Orca 50 pool cleaner

The Floating Power Cable allows your robot to effectively clean your pool, without making a knot with the cable.

The cable is very easy to install, simply connect the terminals to the power supply unit and the robot.

Engine for Orca 50 pool cleaner

The engine block is the heart of the Orca 50 pool robot and allows the robot to operate properly.

To replace it you must open the robot, unscrew the defective motor and replace it with the new one. The operation is quite simple, it will only take you few minutes.

Filter bag for Orca 50 pool cleaner

Mesh filter bag for optimal filtration.

Replacement is very easy thanks to the red strips that allow the filter to be placed correctly.

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